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The History of the Florida Hawking Fraternity


The FHF is the oldest, thriving falconry club in Florida. Started in October 1976,
the following eleven members met in Bradenton, Florida: Art Graves, Rudy Howell, Steve Schultz, Eric Tabb, Scott Hiestand,
Larry Shafer, Greg Hoak, Rick Cress, Tom Richards, Steve Shannon, and Pere Wickes; to iron out the details
of establishing the Florida Hawking Fraternity. They drafted a Constitution, based on NAFA’s example,
 voted in the first Officers and held the club’s first falconry meet.

 To keep up with the changing times the FHF was Incorporated as a Not for Profit Organization in March of 2009.
 Its Constitution and Bylaws were amended and are now known as our Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws.

 The Fraternity offers four Membership categories:

Regular, Associate, Affiliate and Honorary.

For Membership qualifications and privileges, please view our Bylaws on this site.

Our organization has carried on the tradition of hosting two events a year, the Annual Picnic held in October
and the Winter Meet held in January. At these events, we continue to exchange information,
maintain falconry as a legal field sport and practice the “art” of hunting trained birds of prey. 

We issue our annual publication “TaleFeathers”, to all categories of
Membership at no cost to our members.

 Like our predecessors, the FHF Board has the commitment and passion to ensure that this Fraternity and falconry
in the State of Florida is maintained to the highest standards to prevent the sport from slipping into mediocrity.


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